Notable Projects

  • National Cyber Security Monitoring

    Through continuous monitoring and swift incident response, we contained numerous cyberattacks, minimizing risks to a nation's critical infrastructure. This project ensured the client's essential systems remained operational in the face of ever-evolving threats.

  • Consultation for National Cyber Security Policy Development

    We played a critical role in shaping a nation's cybersecurity posture through expert collaboration with the policy development team. Our insights ensured drafted and implemented policies addressed a comprehensive range of cyber security concerns, balancing stakeholder needs with overall effectiveness.

  • Consultation in Establishment of National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)

    We pioneered a nation's cyber defense capabilities by providing research and consultation for establishing its first-ever National Cybersecurity Center. Our expertise shaped the center's structure, defining its initial functionalities and long-term vision, including personnel and technological requirements.

  • Security Assessment of National Provident Fund

    We conducted comprehensive information systems audit and VAPT of more than 20 critical systems of the nation’s provident fund.

  • Security Assessment of National Payment Gateway

    We conducted a comprehensive Information Systems Audit and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) of the payment gateway system, subsystem, and network infrastructure system.

  • Security Assessment of National Taxation System

    We conducted web application and network infrastructure VAPT of the nation's core taxation system.

  • Security Assessment of Telco System

    We tested more than 70 web applications of one of the nation's biggest telecommunication company.

  • Security Assessment of Industrial Control System

    We conducted security assessment of OT and IT environment in one of the manufacturing firms.

  • Cyber Drills at National Level

    We enhanced national cyber readiness through a comprehensive drill, empowering stakeholders to identify vulnerabilities, respond effectively to threats, and prioritize cybersecurity.

  • Security Assessment of Digital Health System (Interoperability Lab)

    We did core penetration testing on their servers to maintain compliance of interoperability standards, frameworks, and best practices for digital health systems.

  • National Level Penetration Testing of RTGS

    We conducted extensive vulnerability assessment of Real Time Gross Settlement System before it was deployed by the central bank of the country.

  • Security Assessment of Radio Frequency Devices

    We conducted penetration testing on smart electric meter infrastructure of one of the government agencies.

Other Projects

  1. 01
    Annual Cyber Security Services of Internet Service Provider
  2. 02
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of Banks
  3. 03
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of Insurance Companies
  4. 04
    Information Systems Audit and VAPT of E-commerce companies
  5. 05
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of National Police System
  6. 06
    Web Security Testing of Eyewear Business
  7. 07
    Information Systems Audit and VAPT of Software Company
  8. 08
    Information Systems Audit of international non- governmental organization (INGO)
  9. 09
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of OT System